T4 Generating, Printing & Exporting

Summary of topics covered

  • T4 Module
  • T4 Generation
  • T4 Print Output
  • T4 XML Export

T4 Module
PayrollInvoicing allows users to create T4’s individually or generate all T4’s for the previous year. A T4 can be created at any time using the “New” button. After a T4 has been updated with an Employer & Employee, the “Refresh Payment Information” button will become enabled. Clicking the button will auto calculate the T4 fields based on data available.


T4 Generation
T4’s are generated for the previous year, when the user clicks the Generate button. The system will read your check date’s and ask the user if they want to generate T4’s for the prior year. For example: if your check date is Jan 18, 2016, you will be asked to generate T4’s for 2015.



Note: If a T4 already exists for that Year/Employer/Employee it will not be regenerated.

The system will present a status window while its generating T4’s, the system will initially show a “Preparing data… please standby for processing!” message before generation begins.


T4 Print Output
The system offers multiple print options.

Single Print
Clicking the single print option will offer to print all T4’s & Summary for that employer, otherwise the employee copy is displayed in a print preview window.


Multiple Print
Clicking the print all option will present a Print Type dialog.

T4 Print Dialog

  • The “Revenue Canada” option will open two print preview report grouped & ordered by business number. One print preview will have the employer summaries, and the other will have the employee’s T4’s group by business number with up to 2 employees per sheet and page breaks by business number.
  • The “Employee Copies” option will open one print preview report grouped & ordered by business number. The print preview will have one employee per sheet (Copy 2 & 3).
  • The “Business Copy” option is the same as “Revenue Canada” must is marked Copy 4.

T4 XML Export
During the application loading sequence, it examines the database version and attempts to update the database to the correct version. The application performs a backup prior to applying any database scripts, this can sometimes be time consuming and no user feedback is given during the process.


Clicking “Yes” will bring up the Browse Folder dialog. The user should select an empty folder where are export files can be saved.


The submission header dialog will appear next, the dialog is pre-filled with data from the Company but also provides the user with the option to override data encoded into the submission file.
The selected folder will contain a submission file for each business number “BusinessNumber.xml” Ex: “555555555RP001.xml”


After all T4’s have been exported they can be marked exported, so the T4’s just exported are not exported again.


Now you can use CRA’s Internet file transfer (XML) website to submit employer T4 summaries.


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