Time sheet Entry

We are going to review time sheet entry in Payroll Invoicing, and the data generated.

The Timesheets module is where employee time sheets are viewed, edited and created. The main toolbar contains a Check Date selection, users must either pick a date from the calendar control or select a pass check date from the drop-down box.


This sets the period the user is working in, the current check date is used to pre-filter the Data List, so users can see all existing data in that period. When adding new records, the time sheet payroll date, start date and end date are pre-populated for the user.


Users can also enter search criteria in the fields located on the Data List to locate specific time sheet records.

The time sheet screen is broken up into multiple sections, header, time entry, instructions and check. Click New from the toolbar to start a new time sheet. When you select an employer, the list of employees is reduced to only active employees for that employer. Check date, start date & end date are defaulted from your selected Check Date on the toolbar.


Time Entry
The time entry tab contains week grids for quick recording of work performed. The first field Work Type is a drop-down list of work types entered into the system, selecting a work type determined the pay rate for the hours worked (Note: If a default work type is set, the value to automatically populate when entering hours worked). The grid can contain multiple lines for employees who perform different work types for the same period and employer.

The approved columns is read only and contains the number of hours approved by the employer under the Approved Work section of the Employers module. The value is not broken down of employee or work week and is just a visual reminder of approved hours. Approved Work is often used when a service provider is being invoiced on behalf of the employer.


The instructions tab displays the employee’s one time instructions that are applicable to the time sheet’s payroll period. These instructions will be applied to the generated check, and to the invoice if the instruction is billable.


The Check section display’s the check generated from the time sheet after its saved. Check Printing, Deposits and clearing is performed from the Checks module.


The employers invoice is also updated to include charges for this employees, to view the invoice associated with the selected & saved time sheet, click Invoices.